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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Rating: BUY IT!

Most likely, you already know what you are going to think about this book. Have you read Cassandra Clare’s other books, especially Clockwork Angel, and loved them? Then you will love Clockwork Prince. Did you hate all her other books? Then why are you even considering buying it?

That said, my feelings about Clockwork Prince are strong, perhaps as strong as any I have felt in all of Cassie’s books (and if you’ve read them, you know there are a lot of feelings).

A warning here: If you have not read Clockwork Angel, you probably shouldn’t read this review. Also, get thee to a bookstore and buy it, read it, then come back to see what you missed.

Clockwork Angel left us with a lot of questions: Where is Mortmain and how does he have this knowledge and power? What is Tessa? And the biggest question of all: What on earth is happening with Will?

Okay, I’m a little biased on that last question.

In Clockwork Prince, we finally get some answers, and then we get a few more questions.

The biggest criticism I can give Clockwork Prince is that it was a “middle book.”  The first book set up the series, and the third will conclude it, but the second had to get us from point A to point B.  As such, a lot of the exciting action scenes from the first book were missing here.  There was essentially one big fight, and that was about it.  (I’m certain, however, that we are building up to something most epic in the finale.)

Even if a bit slower in action, Clockwork Prince was far from dull.  The essential premise of the book is set up when Charlotte is given a time period in which to find Mortmain.  In fact, Clockwork Prince reads almost more as a mystery than an urban fantasy thriller.  The battles fought are not physical, but rather battles of wits, a quest to find the enemy, uncover information, and determine just who is to be trusted.

Like you’d expect from such a story, we learn a lot about the inner workings of more characters in this book.  While Will hunts for a solution to…well, whatever is screwing with him, Tessa is left mostly with Jem, learning more about who he is, beyond the nice boy with the unfortunate fate.  In the meantime, we learn a lot more about Will through his interactions with Magnus (who is just as, if not more, awesome than in The Mortal Instruments here).  The minor characters get more attention too, and we learn a lot about Charlotte and Henry – and many more! I’ve grown to love many of these supporting characters just as much as Will and Jem and Tessa.

Finally, speaking of Will and Jem and Tessa, I wouldn’t be a very good reviewer if I didn’t talk about the romantic aspect of Clockwork Prince. Yes, there was romance, and lots of it. I won’t give specifics, but no matter which boy you prefer, you will be rewarded.  The three-way relationship undergoes some significant shifts and tugs as the story unfolds, and as we learn more about the characters, Will in particular.  Shots are fired, kisses are had, and sometimes, timing is everything.  Prepare to swoon, scream, and feel that gnawing ache and stabbing pain in your abdomen that is so distinctive to Cassandra Clare books.

And, if you come out alive, begin to prepare for a doozy of a book in Clockwork Princess, currently set to release on November 1, 2012.

Reviewer’s note: We would both like to apologize for the unannounced hiatus. The blog is still shiny and new, and as such we’re still working out a few kinks in scheduling and posting.  We’ve both been reading like maniacs, though, and will be showering you with reviews in the near future and posting much more regularly from now on. Thanks for sticking with us!

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2 thoughts on “Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

  1. Great review. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. *eyebrow raise* Agreed. Glad that you’re back! Hope you had a good and restful vacation. 🙂

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