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Author Interview: Aimée Carter

Today we have Aimée Carter chatting about her upcoming sequel to The Goddess Test–read our review here! She’s adorable, successful AND hilarious (I know, one person should not be so talented–try to contain your jealousy) so get excited! Goddess Interruptedwas phenomenal addition to Kate’s godly adventure (this time in the underworld!)–expect our review to be up closer to the release date. (Hint: We loved it!)

Bookcents: Here’s an ice breaker for you…literally. If two penguins are walking toward the South Pole, and one falls through, then how can I get myself a Henry?

Aimée:  Henrys are very rare, I’m afraid, and one must search high and low to find one. Henrys have never been spotted outside of captivity before, but while the rumors point to the South Pole, I have it on good authority that New Zealand is the place to look.

Bookcents:  We know what you write (at least so far!), but what do you like to read? Describe how your bookshelves are populated.

Aimée:   I buy a lot of books. I think just about everyone in the publishing industry does. I have four bookshelves, loosely organized by when I bought them, how many times I’ve read them (one of my bookshelves is devoted to my to be read pile), and a few of the shelves are organized alphabetically. It’s very odd.

I typically read YA, but I also have a few adult authors I enjoy as well. Mostly I read the stories that interest me – I like reading fresh stories I’ve never seen done before, or ones with protagonists whose fatal flaws are front and center. I’m a story person. I tend to be attracted to books regardless of the author or publishing house or genre. If the story piques my interest, I’ll buy it. And this happens a lot, hence the four full-to-bursting bookcases.

Bookcents: You often tweet about the plethora of TV shows you’re watching. Which show are you most dying for a new episode?

Aimée:  Revenge! I love that show much, much more than I thought I would, and I love good surprises. I’m also a huge fan of Parenthood, though the season finale aired this week, so it’s a very long wait for next year.

Bookcents:  What is the last great book you read?

Aimée:  I just reread The Hunger Games. Does that count? I haven’t had much time to read lately, between working on various projects and trying to still have some semblance of a social life. I almost always read during meals though, so that’s something. I really enjoyed Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side as well, which I read recently.

Bookcents:  What is one book you are really looking forward to being released?

Aimée:  I’m excited about Grave Mercy, for sure. I love stories about female assassins and protagonists who take charge.

Bookcents:  And for an actual Goddess Interrupted question! Your characters grew and became significantly more complex in Goddess Interrupted. Did it become harder or easier to write any particular one? Do your characters ever start to give you trouble?

Aimée:  I had a blast writing Goddess Interrupted, and a lot of that was having a chance to expand on the characters’ histories. I’ve had them in my head this whole time, but with the focus being on Kate so much, it was hard to find opportunities to do that, especially in the first. But as the series goes on, you learn a lot more about each of the characters and the world they live in.

My characters almost never give me trouble, but occasionally I write myself into corners with plots from book to book. I actually didn’t write a single Goddess Test story immediately after the other – I wrote at least one, sometimes even two manuscripts between them – so sometimes, when I go back to double check a plot or myth I want to work with in the next one, I’ll realize there’s a line or a paragraph that completely contradicts what I want to do. It’s frustrating sometimes, but it’s also forced me to grow creatively, and I love that. For me, it’s all about pushing the limits and figuring out how to write the best story I possibly can.

Thanks so much for doing this, guys!! You’re both rockstars. ;D

Bookcents: Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to visit our blog! Now feel free to go write more Henry for us. (This is a joke–but only a little bit.)

And that’s our interview with Aimée Carter, who is made of pure awesome as well as the author of the Goddess Test series! Goddess Interrupted is out March 27th and was a fantastic sequel to TGT, while The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test 1.5!) is out today! *confetti* *balloons*


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2 thoughts on “Author Interview: Aimée Carter

  1. *Waves*, Hi Aimee!!! Great interview guys!

  2. mbmbxo on said:

    How cool was that?! Great interview.

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