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Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter

Goddess Interrupted releases tomorrow, and Rachel and Emmy discuss it with each other and tell why you should go BUY IT!


Rachel: Goddess Interrupted was one of my most highly anticipated books of this year, and that comes with certain expectations. And with a whole year to brood on those expectations, they can get rather high…. Sometimes books don’t always live up. GI was not one of those. This book was everything I wanted and absolutely more.

Emmy: I mean, we have more of all the characters we love *coughHenrycough* and I absolutely adored the way Carter characterized all the gods this time around.  It goes way deeper into their theogony (the birth of the gods) which I think made me connect better to Walter and Ava and even Calliope. And of course, we’re introduced to Persephone, who added a whole new layer to the angst between Henry and Kate!


Rachel: Excellent word choice there: ANGST. You know how much I love angst, and there was plenty of it, beginning, middle, and end. Life (or whatever you’d call being an eternal entity based most importantly on belief in an idea) isn’t a cake walk for these two, and Kate and Henry’s relationship, after TGT, isn’t solid enough that a little bit of outside stress doesn’t put a strain on it. And stress can be spelled in many ways. I prefer P-E-R-S-E-P-H-O-N-E.

Emmy:  Haha! It’s so true! While I feel bad for Kate (OK, you got me.  I really don’t.), the entire Kate-Henry dynamic is defined by all this lack of communication.  And her pain was so much fun to read! *insert maniacal laughter*  It doesn’t help that no one will tell Kate what’s going on.  I mean, she’s new to the whole immortal-queen-of-the-underworld thing, but she’s not stupid. The gods are so used to taking care of themselves; they almost get themselves killed!

Rachel: *shakes head* Really, it can’t be that hard to figure out that they need to include Kate too, even if they have been doing things the same way for a couple millennia……….okay, maybe not. But hey, that’s the problem with being a god. Or something. Let’s switch topics. Can we talk about the underworld? Because I thought Aimée’s version was absolutely fantastic.

Emmy: The castle was especially gorgeous, but I absolutely loved the way she had each soul living in their own personal heaven. The way we saw them as Kate traveled was a lot of fun and created whole new worlds inside the kingdom she’ll be ruling.

Rachel: There really was a great variety, and it was of course an excellent way of addressing the inevitable questions that arise, such as “Oh hey, I’m a Christian/Buddhist/worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, what will the underworld look like for me since I don’t believe in Henry?” Not that anyone could NOT believe in Henry, I mean really.

Emmy: It was a very well written section too.  Aimée does a lot of great description and exposition. My only critique was that there was a lot of Kate whining about Henry, instead of actually being with Henry.

Rachel: I concur. Luckily, it never got to the point where I wanted to throw Kate off a cliff (ignoring the fact that we’re in the underworld already). Overall, I think she acted pretty sensibly for someone stuck on a quest with her thousand-year-old husband’s very very old lover. A quest which people refuse to tell her anything about. Or, you know, show her how to actually do anything. Or really help her in any way at all.

Emmy: I think the uselessness was forced on her by the other characters completely, but I guess I can see why. I mean, she’s an infant in the grand scheme of things. But as a reader, who knows Kate’s an intelligent human bean, it got a bit rough.

Rachel: EXACTLY! I just got so angry on her behalf. I wanted her to go pick a fight with some immortal relatives. But that’s not Kate’s style.

Emmy: I feel like one of the few people who gave Kate enough credit was James.  But even he didn’t really let her live up to her divine potential. I did think his struggles helped me like him more. He wasn’t just a guy against Henry in this book or Kate’s best friend. He had more depth.

Rachel: You put that perfectly. It really was incredible to see all the way the characters evolved, even if just in our view of them, through further exposure and experience.  I loved that Kate wasn’t ever drawn into a love triangle, too.  James may want to be “the other guy,” but Kate loves Henry. It’s great to see proper love and devotion and not just a “oh my god who do I choose?!” sort of scenario.

Emmy: And then there’s the ENDING. *flails* Just after we think things are going okay.

Rachel: Oh god. The ending.

Emmy: She just literally knocked me over. I think I fell over when I was reading this book.

Rachel: I remember I was visiting my grandparents and was sitting in bed reading at approximately 2am and just collapsed. I didn’t quite fall out of the bed. But then I had that weird too-late-to-handle-this freak out, and ended up just bouncing up and down like a maniac at the pure energy of such a cruel ending. CRUEL, EVIL ENERGY.

Emmy: I can honestly say, I have NO IDEA where the next book is going to take me. And that’s a rare thing to be able to say.

Rachel: Ditto. But it’s absolutely wonderful and totally refreshing.

Emmy: So I think we can say that while Kate was borderline annoying, the angst was all worth it, but don’t read the end of it in public for fear of throwing it at innocent passers-by.

Rachel: Also, because the scene right before it is the best scene in the book. So first you’ll flail from excitement. And then two pages later you’ll flail from death. And it will all be very embarrassing and possibly cause injury to anyone within a 5 mile vicinity.
Emmy: But everyone should read it. And they should also look at the pretty cover of The Goddess Legacy which can’t come out soon enough!

Rachel: More gods!


Make sure to go buy Goddess Interrupted tomorrow, and if you haven’t read The Goddess Test, go buy that too!

Check out our interview with Aimée Carter HERE!


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