book reviews for the thrifty soul


Dear Reader,

Whether you’ve stumbled across this page or came here deliberately, we’re happy to see you!

Rachel and Emmy are college students who have completely run out of money but would rather buy books than eat food.  Unfortunately this is not a sustainable long-term plan, as food is a necessity for survival. (Who knew?)

So we get that you can’t spend a bajillion dollars a year buying every great book you read! Because we’re humanitarians at heart we wanted to provide others with a guide for how to best allocate your scant pennies.

And thus this blog was born.

So we’ve divided the bookworld into 3 distinct sections:

BUY IT! These are our favorite books, the ones we’re glad to spend our money on – and you should be too.

LIBRARY IT! – These books are worth a read, but wait and get them from the library instead.

SKIP IT! – We don’t expect to use this very often, but we won’t lie to you either.  These books just aren’t worth your time.

Now go and have fun exploring the site! We’ve certainly had fun building it!


Your Friendly Neighborhood Book Bloggers


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