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The Sense Behind Bookcents

Hello, you!

Yes, you!

You there reading this right now!


Welcome to bookcents, a YA book blog designed especially for the thrifty book lover.

We’re two college students who love YA books, but know how hard it can be to manage your money. We’re going to read books and review them here, with a 3-tiered rating system designed to help you save your pennies:

BUY IT! – These are our favorite books, the ones we’re glad to spend our money on – and you should be too.

LIBRARY IT! – These books are worth a read, but wait and get them from the library instead.

SKIP IT! – We don’t expect to use this very often, but these books just plain aren’t worth your time.

We’re excited to get started, and we hope you’re excited to stalk us!


Two Fabulously Broke Nerdy Girls


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